Saturday, January 06, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

I'm off.
No I haven't quit the blogging world but I am quitting Blogger.
It is just tooooooooooooooooooooo hard and a tiny bit (ha) unreliable.
I am piggy backing on 2paw's site ....she is giving me instructions as I type.
I can be found HERE.
As Cleopatra's mum I am in the Cleopatra bit attached to her URL.
Hope the girls and she won't fight now they are nearly in the same blogging backyard!!!!!!!
Ta Ta

Friday, January 05, 2007

So cute....when asleep!!!!

Well I don't want to become a pet bore...but..... isn't she cute????

She is clever too which I know is a pot luck thing with a pet shop cat.
She has learned about the bribery chicken I give her before I go out. It means....sit in the side window and cry where I can see her as I reverse away up the drive.
She is the mistress of guilt already.
She regularly attacks the Christmas tree ornaments....just till they fall and are dead.
She knows the difference between a $2 toy and a $12 toy...and guess which one she prefers???? The quiet , noiseless $2 one during the day and the expensive noise maker with the special long life battery ( dammit) in the middle of the night.
She knows she doesn't want the cat food once the ants have moved in to share it.
She cries and runs to me if she hurts herself and she is jealous of books, the computer and the remote controls because they get her share of the attention. She watches TV for a while then falls asleep regardless of her be that flexible again..if I ever was!!!!
And how have I been spending my happy holiday days when not playing Auntie to the Demon Spawn ( her mother named her that ,for those of you who think I did it and she is the most adored, spoiled and indulged only grandchild and niece in our family!!!Demon Spawn is a term of affection!!!!!) and mum to Cleopatra?
Well I have watched the entire second season of The Professionals and have moved on to season one of MacGyver...(despite the divorce I still feel compelled to watch his home videos) I have tried to blog...but with little sucess til today...had 2 attempts swallowed in the last 2 days.I have organised to get THE broadband 2paw would call it....why do we all end up using her stupid phrases??????

Here is Cleopatra helping me write my blog. After she walked over the keyboard a few times...imagine how helpful that is!! she curled up to sleep. This is fine now...I may need a bigger computer desk in the future.

So hopefully with THE broadband and with some cooperation from blogger I will be able to bore you with further photos of the cute cat .

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Post for 2006

I have been soooooo slack.
Well not just slack….totally knackered and busy as well.
End of year at school is incredibly hectic…and covered in glitter in my room and, sadly, blogging and reading bloggs was a job that didn’t even make the non essential list of things to do.
My Sister, Brother in law and Niece ( Demon Spawn) are here from overseas for Christmas so I have been busy seeing them and playing the indulgent Auntie ( sleep over number 2 tonight )
We had a very nice Christmas, too much ham, turkey roast potatoes etc etc.
Demon Span was very spoiled …but is aware of the fact and readily says how very lucky she is. I have been to see Open Season with her and have introduced her to my all time favourite shop…Chicken feed. She doesn’t usually like shopping but she LOVES Chicken Feed.
Since then I have been playing with the new Christmas technology and with a new addition to the house hold…..
Meet Cleopatra

Isn’t she cute? And I have to agree with 2paw here… is just as well little baby things are cute because it is sometimes the only thing that stops you strangling them!!!!!!!

I have been a cat mum before, but not to a kitten. My cat ,Tyson, was adopted when my sister went overseas and he was already 4 years old so this is my first pet from brand new ( well….8 weeks old new)

Things I have learned about kittens so far.

1. They have sharp claws and aren’t afraid to use them.
2. You will have to wear long sleeves to prevent people from thinking you have been
hacking at your own wrists.
3. They don’t sleep….they don’t cat nap…they kitten nap…….it is like cat napping
but much shorter.
4. There are only 2 places to kitten nap during the night…either on my face or
wrapped around my head like a cat hat.
5. Kittens can accidentally fit into the fridge.
6. Kittens are often attacked by that nasty kitten in the mirror…..lots of cute hackles
and tiny hissing noises.

Things I have relearned about doesn't like photos.
More pictures later...maybe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


No not Grievous Bodily Harm but......
GingerBread Houses
25 GBH to be exact.
It took some doing but everyone in my class has made a GBH and all but one are decorated . (Miss school miss out as the advert says)

The funniest thing was the kids reaction to first set of houses to be constructed. Do you know what??????? THEY LOOKED LIKE HOUSES!!!!!
I had to laugh at their amazement. I asked what they thought I meant by gingerbread house and the general reply was....'I knew it was going to be a gingerbread house but I didn't think it was going look like a house"
I don't know what goes on in their heads sometimes.

Here are a couple of pics to show their efforts... and remember if it was made by a 10 year old I expect it to look like it teacher tizzying it up later to make it look nicer.
And while I wouldn't do it again in a big hurry it has been fantastically successful. Every one is VERY pleased with themselves and they positively glow when a visitor to the room admires their work.

I have to say that I am impressed with the restrain some of them have shown with the decorating. Whilst some kids set out to test the weight bearing limits of a gingerbread roof ( 19 ....yes 19 ..bags of icing we have used in construction and decoration) the other have gone for tasteful restraint...well restrained by10 yr old standards.

I estimate a gingerbread roof can nearly support a 250g of wet icing and 500g of lollies before breaking...well that's what I estimate one kids got on his roof before the collapse.

So now the smell of gingerbread is be replaced by the smell of cooked popcorn .

Ah well.....'Tis the Season.

Ho Ho Ho ( and fetch me another Panadol Milkshake)

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I have been tagged.
Like the late Russian spy?
What do I have to do????????
Is this because of the Santa Clause incident??????Look...I explained all this to the Elves down at the station.
I know I am off the nice list but now I am tagged.
I AM SEARCHING FOR THE RED DOT.....nope...not lazer tagged then.
I am feeling watched.
Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody in here?
Tagged hhhmmmmmm
Well 2paw...if this is a clicky link thing you better get in here and make it so!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad to be tagged this has been so boring up until now.
Thanks 2paw.
With friends like you..............................!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tis The Season

A slight detour in my quest to find a use for the green rag.
Dec 1st.
Time to decorate.
Despite a week that seemed so long that it had an extra Wednesday and 3 Fridays I decided to at least make the house look festive.
So first step...unpack the Christmas cupboard.
Much excitement...I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve Christmas.

Happy Santa. Lovely Santa. He can't wait till he can once more be on display and not shut in the cupboard snorting tinsel.

So I picked him up very ,very carefully. But..........................................

OH NO. A slight panic. I have ripped the head off Santa.

There was very little chance I was ever on Santa's nice list but now I am pretty sure I have blown my chances for the next 50 years at least.

I can imagine the discussion on Monday.

"Nice weekend MrsDrWho?"

"Yes thanks Boss...ripped the head off Santa and then drank a lot of gin"

"Excellent...your transfer will be in the mail."

He was fixable wasn't a permanent injury and you can hardly see the stitches. I don't think it will leave a big scar!!!!! I could have used some of 2paws steri strips!!!!

Ho Ho Ho

Happy December 1st.

More gin needed.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 10

Are you pond weed?
Can you protect the poor little fishies fron the ravenous neighbourhood cats?
No you are not pond weed.
In fact you will sink gently through the water entangling the poor little fishes in your evil green mesh trapping them ,pathetically gasping for their last breath, in the murk at the bottom of the pond.
You are not pond are a plot by the Japanese government to design ways of trapping sea creatures!!!!!!